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Amal Mohamed has been awarded Calgary Community Service Award2013 Recipient

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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BLOOM, the celebration of new lives, new leaders and new community, took place on march 01,2013,The Westin. Immigrant Services Calgary was pleased to be celebrating 17th annual “It is Immigrants of Distinction Awards , an event of great pride for Calgary to be celebrating the wonderful accomplishments of esteemed future leaders.

The awards celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of immigrants to Calgary in the categories of Business, Youth Scholarship, Community Service, Organizational Diversity, Lifetime Achievement and Achievement Under 40. The Hadassah Ksienski Distinguished Service Award recognizes the achievement of leaders in the community dedicated to furthering diversity and helping immigrants.

Amal Mohamed has provided outstanding community service to the city of Calgary and immigrant communities in a volunteer capacity.

A founder of the Somali International Youth Board (SIYB), Amal has committed her life to creating awareness around youth-related issues. SIYB offers youth of any ethnicity participation in social awareness and recreational activities. Through the Somali United Basketball League, Amal has established a program for young people aged 16-25.

Her accomplishments include being invited to a conference for “Canadian Wide Initiative To Help High- Risk Somalis” held by Public Safety Canada and establishing a network for young Somali youth in Canada and the United States to play in a national basketball tournament. Amal is currently in the property management industry as a Buyer .She is also working towards her Purchasing Management Association of Canada designation and manages to juggle her studies while volunteering numerous hours to support marginalized youth in her community.

Amal has appeared on the CBC news radio show " Eye opener "

Amal Mohamed on the Calgary Herald

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Website -www.siyb.ca .

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