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Hargeisa Court Sentences Elder to Two Years in Jail for Treason

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A court in Hargeisa on Wednesday (March 20th) sentenced clan elder Rabi Yusuf Abdullahi to two years in jail for traveling to Mogadishu in August to participate in the formation of the Somali federal government.

"He took part in meetings that are against the independence of Somaliland," Marodi Jeh Regional Magistrate Osman Ibrahim Dahir said when reading the sentence. "He was among those who helped form Somalia's parliament and he went to Somalia without permission."

Defence attorney Mohamed Ahmed Abokor denied the charges against Abdullahi, saying his client had travelled to Mogadishu to take care of his property.

Somaliland Deputy Attorney General Said Yusuf Abdi told Sabahi the prosecution was also unsatisfied with the court ruling, finding the sentence too lenient. He said both the defence and prosecution have filed appeals.

Abdullahi, the sultan of the Idagale clan, was arrested on February 12th after returning from a trip to the United Arab Emirates. Abdullahi was also arrested in 2009 after he attended Transitional Federal Government meetings in Mogadishu.


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