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Condemnation of Al-Shabaab's Targeting of Innocent Civilians

African Union
Press release
Monday, March 04, 2013

The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission on Somalia, Ambassador Mohamet Annadif, has condemned the deliberate targeting of innocent civilians in Mogadishu following a car bomb that exploded on Saturday at a beach restaurant in Mogadishu, injuring at least seven civilians.

He described the attack as "a heinous and barbaric assault" on the residents of the city. It demonstrates, he said, "the low regard that the terrorists have for the lives of their fellow countrymen," adding that the intent was clearly to murder and maim as many innocent people as possible.

Two weeks earlier a car bomb killed 2 people and wounded several others in the same area. Ambassador Annadif sent his condolences and prayers for those injured in the attack and his hopes for a speedy recovery.

He said that AMISOM would continue to" stand shoulder to shoulder with the Somali people" and do all it could to help build up the capacity of the national security forces, and "ensure that the people of Somalia can go about their daily lives in peace."


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