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Nine killed in renewed inter-clan fights in Mandera, Wajir counties

By Cyrus Ombati
Sunday, June 23, 2013

newsinsiMandera, Kenya: At least nine people have been killed and two lorries burnt down in fresh inter-clan fighting in Mandera and Wajir Counties in North Eastern.

Three other casualties were reported with one minor injury treated and two referred to ManderaDistrict Hospital.

The latest clashes happened on Friday night when four people including a Kenya Police Reservist were killed in Mandera County.

Five others were killed in Wajir County in a similar fight between Degodia and Gareh clans on Friday night.

Police have confirmed the fighting adding businesses in the two areas have been affected. The fighting which has now entered the third month has spread from Mandera to Wajir where the majority of the locals are Degodias.

Eldaa MP Adan Keynan condemned the killings and urged the locals to embrace peace and realise fruits of devolution. He also urged the government to mov ein and address the problem of insecurity in th eregion.

"It is unfortunate such incidents are happening in this era and we condemn it", he said.

Efforts to contain the clashes have not borne any fruits.

Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo confirmed the latest killings and added his officers were addressing the situation.

The killings sums to more than 40 the number of those killed so far in the past two months.

Tension remain high in both areas with fears of more retaliations.

Insiders said the problem pits the two main clans, Degodia and Gareh.

Kimaiyo said they hope the order to surrender weapons will work out as he pleaded with the residents to co-operate with security agencies in ensuring the area is safe.

Residents say the problem in the area is purely political and that some militiamen have taken advantage of the situation to terrrorise them.

Source: Standrad Digital

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