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British national terror suspect has joined Al-Shabaab: Police

NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- British terror suspect, Jermaine Grant is led away by armed security officers from Milimani law court in Nairobi, capital of Kenya, June 13, 2013. The court declared that he had a case to answer and should be put on trial for planning attacks on Kenya's coast town of Mombasa. His defence hearing will be held on 30th July this year.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kenya’s terror suspect, Fuad Abubakar Manswab, charged alongside British national Jermaine Grant and two others in Mombasa, has joined Al-Shabaab terror group in Somalia, said Kenyan police.

According to police sources who did not want to be named, Abubakar who hails from Majengo area in Mombasa is among key militant leaders launching terrorist attacks against the East African nation.

He was arrested with Anti-Terrorism Police Officers with Grant and two others as they planned to detonate explosives in Mombasa on December 20, 2011, charged for being in possession of explosives, being a member of an organized group and preparation to commit felony.

Abubakar jumped bail in November 2011 after him, and the two suspects Grant’s wife Warder Breikh Islam and Frank Ngala were granted a bail of 235,000 U.S. dollars each and one surety.

But Ngala remains in custody after failing to raise the bond.

Warder and Abubakar, who are both Kenyans, raised the bond but the latter disappeared after the first hearing of the case.

An arrest warrant was issued and he has repeatedly ignored police summons.

Grant, 29, a Muslim convert from Newham, in east London, was sentenced to three years in prison for using false documents that claimed he was a Canadian called Peter Joseph.

Grant, who had earlier been jailed after being found guilty of being in the country illegally and conspiring to commit crime, including lying to the court that he was a Canadian by the name Peter Joseph, was charged on Jan. 12 , 2012 alongside two other suspects who are Kenyans.

Grant was charged with Abubakar and Warda Breik Islam of being in possession of explosive materials. Abubakar also denied another count of haboring an alien.

Senior officers from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) on Tuesday confirmed that Abubakar entered Somalia through Kenya- Somalia border in Lamu this year.

A senior ATPU said Abubakar is suspected to be coordinating the terror activities in the country by funding and training youth to fight in Somalia and launch attacks in Kenya.

Abubakar, an ally of Jermaine Grant, were working with fugitive Samantha Lewthwaite, the widow of London Underground bomber Jermaine Lindsay as financier of Al-Shabaab terror group in East Africa.

"He is very dangerous but we are being alert to ensure that he doesn’t cross into the country although he continue to pose as major security threat in the country," a senior ATPU officer told Xinhua on Tuesday.

The police suspect the terror woman, Lewthwaite, is fundraising for a terrorist group because she has been using a number of identities, including those of Samantha Lewthwaite and Natalie Faye Web.

The Somali militants launched its first major operation outside Somalia in July 2010, when suicide bombers struck two nightclubs in Uganda, killing 79 people and wounding many others.

The police officer said the militants develop plans to conduct terrorist attacks inside Kenya and deploy several operational cells for the purpose of launching attacks from within Kenya.

According multiple sources within the police cycle Abubakar escaped police raid on October 28 last year where police gunned down terror suspects Omar Faraj, 30, and Titus Nabiswa, 27, a Muslim convert from Western Kenya at Majengo area in Mombasa.

Those close to the operation said Abubakar escaped with bullet wounds after he slipped through the window during the highly coordinated raid by ATPU commandos.

"We had information that Abubakar was among the suspects plotting terror attacks within Mombasa, we raided and managed to kill the two and recovered a cache of weapons," head of ATPU Boniface Mwaniki said.

He was shot and wounded in the shoulder during the shootout but he managed to escape.

Meanwhile, the police have established that there is a connection between the two grenade attacks that almost occurred simultaneously in Mombasa and Nairobi’s California estate on Sunday where almost 20 people were injured.

Similar explosive devices, a Russian-made hand grenades were lobbed to worshippers in Likoni in Mombasa and pedestrians in Nairobi which is an indication that the same group was behind it.

Mombasa police commander, Aggrey Adoli said that the team of officers is pursuing crucial evidence leading to the apprehension of the two suspects who carried out the attack on the Earthquake Miracle Ministry Church in Likoni.

Adoli further reminded Coast residents that the ban on crusades past 5:30 p.m. that was issued last year is still in effect.

"I urge residents to adhere to the directives to ensure their own safety and enable the police to protect them," Adoli said.

The East African country has recently admitted that the threat of terror attacks remains real, but security personnel are on high alert. The Al-Shabaab militia group, which is aligned to Al-Qaida network, said before that it would attack Kenya.

Since the east African nation sent troops across the border into Somalia six months ago, north-eastern Kenya has been hit by a series of blasts, many targeting local security forces.


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