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“Somalia government will address Kismayo turmoil through dialogue” Says Prime Minister

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In a reconciliatory tone, Somalia’s Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon has now announced his government’s commitment to defuse the tensions in Somalia’s port city of Kismayo through dialogue and peaceful resolution after months of political turmoil and fierce fighting in the past few days.

Rival militias waged two days of fighting leading to the death of at least twenty people and injuring dozens which have displaced hundreds of families.

Ahmed Madobe, the newly elected regional president’s loyalties are in full control of the city while overpowered rivals are regrouping According to residents in Kismayo.

“Government will address this issue through dialogue and reconciliation” Shirdon said.
“I hope warring sides in Kismayo will adhere to our call in defusing the tensions and starting direct negotiations”. He added.

In a previous statement followed the outbreak of the violence in Kismayo Shirdon condemned the fighting.

“Those who  are spilling the blood of innocent people in Kismayo should not go unpunished”. The Prime Minister said.

Kismayo was controlled by al Shabaab until last September when the militants fled following an offensive by Kenyan troops supported by Ras Kamboni, a militia group loyal to a former governor of Kismayo, Ahmed Madobe.

A local assembly last month declared Madobe as president of the southern Jubaland region,

But Somalia's central government, which opposes Madobe’s rule, said the election was unconstitutional.

Ahmed Abdisamad
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