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Taxi service brings change to Somalia
Monday, June 03, 2013

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A new taxi company is changing the way people travel in Somalia's capital.

Offering cheaper prices and using radio communication to pick up customers, Mogadishu Taxi is the first of its kind in Somali in more than two decades.

The idea to create this company started in 2012 when the city of Mogadishu began to resurface as security was getting better.

“Radio communications were set up in every taxi, with another one in the office. When a customer calls the company, we'll see if anyone is close by," said Mogadishu Taxi co-owner Liban Agmed.

"If it's the case, he will be ordered to take that customer. That is part of the service of our new taxi company which is internationally used for the taxis.”

Customers are pleased with this new service.

“I had seen a lot of taxis in the street, but I chose this taxi because of the sign and the low price,” said Yusuf Mohamed.

Many might take a taxi service for granted, but in Mogadishu it is a positive sign of both peace and security.

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