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UN boss Ban Ki-Moon now wants Somalia peace process speeded up
The Standard
Saturday, June 01, 2013

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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has called for fast tracking of the peace process in Somalia to create an enabling environment to attract investors and democracy to take root in the troubled nation.

He said there was need to strengthen the capacity of the Somali people through training to achieve much-required paradigm shift in governance.

Ki-moon said increased tension in the free port town of Kismayu, which was liberated last year from the Al Shabaab, was a clear indication of the need for dialogue among the people so as to foster peaceful coexistence and ensure the rule of law takes root.

“Judicial reforms, a shift in public affairs management and strengthening of capacity among the people through training ought to be given a priority in Somalia,” he said.

He said the UN would continue to support Somalia to ensure the socio-economic and political pillars are enhanced to create a conducive environment for business to flourish, bring conflicts to an end and enable the people to have improved livelihoods.

The remarks were made in a message delivered during a special mini-summit on Somalia held in Yokohama, Japan, ahead of the three-day Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) staring today, which brings together leaders from Africa and various development partners.

Eradicate piracy

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abey, Somalia President Sheikh Mohamud, Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto, President Salva Kiir of Southern Sudan and his Tanzanian counterpart Jakaya Kikwete were among those who attended the summit.

Abey said there was need to eradicate piracy off the Coast of Somalia to enable the country to realise stability and development.

“There is an urgent need to improve the livelihoods of the people of Somalia through capacity building and emphasis should be on health, education, water and infrastructure,” Abey said.

He added, “special emphasise should be on building capacity among the youths so that they can take part in economic recovery of the country that has been ravaged years of internal civil strife.”

Abey said developed countries and donor agencies should focus on ensuring that the people were not only involved in development activities but also that they proper infrastructure to enable them start businesses.

Ruto called on Somali citizens in the Diaspora to return home and help in reconstruction of the country. He said Kenya, together with the Federal Government of Somalia and United Nations High Commission for Refugees, are working on modalities of repatriating refugees.

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