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Poll: US drone strikes unpopular across the world
Monday, July 22, 2013

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Opposition to the U-S assassination drone strikes is growing across the globe.

The Washington-based Pew Research Centre, which carried out a survey on the issue in 39 countries, has found out that half or more than half of the respondents in 31 of these countries disapprove of U-S drone attacks.

The research shows that in most of the countries polled, there continues to be an extensive opposition to the American drone campaign in countries such as Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

The survey comes at a time when anti-American sentiments are running at an all time high in Pakistan due to Washington’s drone campaign. Mindful of this strong public reaction, Pakistan’s new government is seeking an immediate end to such airstrikes.

Islamabad considers the U-S drone attacks as violation of its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Pakistan says it will raise the issue of drone attacks with Washington when US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Islamabad later this month.

The Obama administration considers drone attacks as key to eliminate so-called high-value targets in the tribal areas.

However, very few in any buy this claim.

According to tallies by human rights organizations, close to 35-hndred people mostly civilians have died in US drone attacks in Pakistan since 2004.

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