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USA: Somalia refugee family of 11 looking for Spokane home

Thursday, January 31, 2013

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SPOKANE -- A Spokane non-profit organization that helps re-settle foreign refugees faces an unusual challenge.

World Relief Spokane is trying to find a home for a Somali family of 11.
Coming to America was a dream come true for the Kayce family, and now they are in need of a permanent home.

There are 9 children -- ages 21 to 4. All the kids have ever known is life in a Northeast Africa refugee camp.
The family fled Somalia 20 years ago, and remained in the camp all that time. More recently, after background and medical checks, the U.S. State Department gave the Kayce’s the green light to relocate to America.

When the Kayce’s landed here, World Relief Spokane, contracted with the State Department and began providing services to resettle the family.

The family badly wants a new home they can all live in together.
Rent money isn’t an issue. Size is.
With eleven people, and no credit history, it has been difficult to find a home that will work. Right now, the Kayce’s are split up between two hotel rooms.

With a permanent address, the children will be able to get into school and begin English lessons, and a more stable way of life.


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