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Alshabab Militants Blamed for the Death of one women at a wedding Cermony

Hiiraan Online
By Zahra Rashid
Thursday, January 03, 2013

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One woman killed and three others seriously injured after Al-Qaeda linked Alshabab Militants opened fire at a wedding party.

The Militants loyal to Al-Shabab opened fire at a wedding party which was taking place at Boo'o(Booco) Village, 30Km South of Belet-wein district of Hiran region.

Eye witnesses in the village told HOL that gunmen believed to be members of the militant group Al Shabab gate-crashed the weeding party and shot four women where one woman died on the spot

The eye witness stated that the other 3 women who are seriously injured were rushed to Belet-wein Hospital where they are undergoing treatment.

“We are really concerned for our safety, this area was the safest destination and now that this kind of attacks has begun, we fear for our lives,” Said the eyewitness.

Al-Shabaab militants are said to be against the modern Somali wedding parties being held in the country and that they had reportedly banned music related party in the areas under their control.

This is not the first case in which Al-Shabaab Militants open a fire at  a wedding ceremony. In December last year, four people were killed and nine others injured in Qur-od village, 25 km from the town of El Bur in Galguduud Region (Central Somalia).

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