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Alshabab says Kenya is fuelling the fighting in Kismayo
Hiiraan Online
Monday, February 25, 2013

Days after clan militia skirmishes in Kismayo, Alshabab is now accusing Kenyan military on the ground to be fuelling the fighting in the city.

Former governor of Alshabab in middle Jubba region Shiekh Hasan Yakub says Kismayo has no gone back in to the dark days when the city was the epicenter of clashes between rival warlords.

Speaking to an Alshabab owned radio, Shiekh Hassan accused Kenyan forces in the town of arming rival clan militias to sustain their presence in the area.

“The forces of infidels are playing mature role to fuel these conflicts, their strategy is to create hostility and divisions between the Somali clans” he said.

“The city was stable and people were living side by side peacefully, before the Kenyan infidels occupied it” he added.

The strategic port city of Kismayo has witnessed clashes between rival Somali clan militias on Saturday, which left 11 dead and scores injured.

Ahmed Abdisamad
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