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Alshabab launches surprise attack on Baidoa

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Somalia’s Alqaida wing, The Alshabab has launched a night raid in Baidoa of south-west Somalia.

Residents in the town say both sides used heavy artilary in the fighting that has lasted two hours.

There are conflicting reports of casualties though we cannot confirm the authenticity of these reports.

The attack came after days of ongoing power struggle in the town which is the provincial administrative of Bay region.

Former Bay governor Abdifatah Geesey has been resisting to hand over power to the newly government appointed governor Abdi Hoosow.

Baidoa was a stronghold of the Islamist militants Alshabab, before they were driven out by Ethiopian and Somali government  troops  on February, 2012.

Ahmed Abdisamad
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