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New Somali PM officially takes office

By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar
Thursday, December 26, 2013

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Somalia’s new prime minister Abdi Weli Sheik Ahmed has officially taken over office in front of a high profile audience during a colourful ceremony at the presidential palace on Thursday.

President of the federal republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheik Mahmoud, cabinet members, law makers and other key government officials attended the handover ceremony during which former PM Abdi Farah Shirdon outlined his government’s activities in particularly local and international approaches by his government for the past 15 months he was in office.

“It was 15 months ago when I took over responsibility From Abdi Weli Mohamed Ali at a ceremony held here, so today I am happy to hand over such great responsibility to another Abdi Weli who has been my close friend for more than 30 years” the outgoing prime minister told the ceremony.

He explained that whilst at office his government scored some tangible successes both locally and internationally which include: tightening security, strengthening local budget and the revival of Somalia’s international relations.

“Taking advantage from this opportunity, I would like to advice our new prime minister, my brother Abdi Weli Sheik Ahmed to develop a very close cooperation with other governmental institutions” noted former Somali PM Abdi Farah Shirdon.

For his part the new Prime minister Abdi Weli Sheik Ahmed told the ceremony that today’s peaceful handover was a clear testimony that the war-devastated horn of African country was on route to democracy.

“This is a huge sing for the political progress and the growth of democracy in Somalia” the new Prime Minister noted during his speech at the handover ceremony on Thursday. He said that the outgoing Prime minister and members of his cabinet were fully praiseworthy for the tangible developments they made during their term of office.

“There is a giant task ahead of us---first we want to prioritise security, reform of justice and reliable judiciary system is the second and we will then work to revive the basic needs of the people such as health and education” the new prime minister emphasized during his remarks.

Somali President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud who finally addressed at the congregation thanked the former prime minister and his cabinet members for what he described as the accomplishment of very huge national tasks.

“Actually Somalia is not where it was just 15 months ago, unprecedented achievements have been made and both Somali people and the rest of international community are fully aware of the great moves taken forward during the past 15 months” the president of the federal republic of Somalia Hassan Sheik Mahmoud told the handover ceremony on Thursday.

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