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Somali government recognizes Jubba regional administration
Friday, August 30, 2013

After months of tussle, Somalia’s central government on Wednesday agreed to recognize this man, famously known as Ahmed Madobe as the interim leader of the Jubba regions.

The agreement was reached in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa after days of talks and delays. Under the new deal Madobe, will be the leader of the interim Juba Administration for two years.

Experts says this agreement could help end months of clan fighting and open the path for a federal nation as envisaged in the proposed draft constitution.

Ahmed Madobe and his militias enjoy wide support from African Union’s Mission troops in Somalia. The troops are mainly comprised of the Kenyan contingent.

Under the agreement, the head of the Interim Jubba Administration shall be the Leader of three regions; Lower Jubba, Middle Jubba and Gedo region and shall be accountable to the Mogadishu based central government.

Also agreed upon was the contentious issue of who will control the port of Kismayo. The authority under the interim administration will manage the port for six months before handing it over to Mogadishu.

The Kismayo standoff was a major test for the central administration in Mogadishu that has been trying to assert its control in the strife torn nation.

There are already several regional administrations in Somalia which were mostly created during the war period or during the Transitional administration. However the new interim Jubba administration is now the first federal state to be formed under a permanent government and backed by the country’s provisional constitution.


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