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GSU deployed in Marsabit, Mandera and Moyale after clashes
Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Paramilitary police have been deployed in Marsabit, Mandera and Moyale Counties following the killing of six people in the last five days.

Police spokesperson Gatiria Mboroki said investigations have also been launched to track down and arrest the perpetrators.

“Police visibility has been enhanced with a view of deterring further attacks and tracking down the suspects. We have launched investigations with the aim of identifying those responsible and processing them according to the law,” she said.

So far investigations showed that attacks in Marsabit pitted Borana against Gabbra communities living in the area.

The latest incident happened on Sunday in Funan-yatta area in Moyale, where two people were shot dead at around 9am.

“The motive of the shooting was not immediately established. A contingent of police officers was dispatched to pursue the attackers,” said Ms Mboroki.

Two days earlier, three people were killed in an attack at Antutu manyatta in Marsabit at around 5 am.

“About 50 people armed with various types of weapons shot one Borana man. Two of the attackers believed to be from Gabra community were also killed,” Ms Mboroki said.

Another attack occurred at around 7.15 pm at Dadachi Lokole area in Sololo.

The police report said: “Mr Kala Edin Hassan, was driving a lorry from Nairobi to Moyale. He was confronted by a group of Borana men. The attackers took ignition keys and threatened to kill him to avenge the death of their tribesmen who had been killed earlier in the day prompting him to flee into the bush. They stole goods he was ferrying and damaged the vehicle.”


Police also shot dead a man in Mandera County on the same day.

Ms Mboroki said: “Two Landcruisers transporting miraa to Mandera were intercepted by bandits at Karo. They ordered the driver and conductor out and tried to escape using the same vehicles. Members of the public alerted the police who pursued the bandits and caught up with them, a shoot out ensued and police gunned down one of the bandits and recovered an AK-47 rifle with seven rounds of ammunition and recovered the vehicles.”

Besides the General Service Unit, administration police and regular officers have also been deployed in the areas.

“We appeal to the public to report the masterminds of these attacks to police for lasting peace to be fully restored. We also call upon local leadership to cooperate with the police in restoring normalcy by holding peace barazas,” Ms Mboroki said.


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