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Kenya: KDF Ambush Al Shabaab Militants in Hulugho

Friday, August 23, 2013

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THE Kenya Defense Forces on Tuesday killed an unknown number al-shabaab militiamen along the border town of Hulugho.

Garissa county Commissioner Rashid Khator said the militants are suspected to have been responsible for last Friday's attack on an administration police camp at Galmagala Division where four AP officers were killed.

"We believe these are the same individuals who were involved in the killings of our four police officers, our KDF officers engaged them in a heavy exchange of fire and gunned down several of them," he said.

Khator said the killed militiamen wore camouflage uniforms similar to those of the Somalia Transitional Federal Government forces.

He said the KDF and other security agents have mounted aggressive security operations along the border towns in order to deal with militia related incidents.

"Since the Friday incident, we have enhanced our operation in the bushes and beefed up security along our boarders," Khator said.

He said the security forces are also pursuing another al-shabaab splinter group recently spotted along the border town of Amuma on Liboi side.

More security personnel drawn from the military, General Services unit, both regular and administration police officers have been deployed in Galmagala.


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