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Somalia: ANHRI Denounces the Assassination of a Media-Professional in the Radio & TV Runed By the State

Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
Press release
Thursday, August 22, 2013

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The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) strongly denounces the ongoing assassination processes against the media professionals and journalists by gunmen in Somalia on the background of their peaceful opinions. The number of journalists and media professionals who were killed since the beginning of 2013 amounted to six, after assassinating Eng. Ahmed Sherif, technical director of Radio and TV in Somalia by unknown attackers.

Ahmed Sherif was killed last Saturday, nearby his house in Mogadishu after two unknown attackers shot him. He was taken to the hospital immeditly but the doctors were able to minister him.

It is reported that Ahmed Sherif was killed few hours after the authorities executed Adan Sheikh Abdi, the only defendant that convicted of murdering a journalist in a plaza. Adan Sheikh Abdi was convicted of killing the Somalian journalist Hassan Yusuf Absuge in September 2012.

Targeting the journalists and media professionals in Somalia is systematically by the armed groups amid the state's failure to provide them with protection. In 2012, as to eighteen journalists and media professionals were killed, while six ones were killed in 2013 so far.

ANHRI states that the Somalian authorities should undermine the armed groups that target the journalists and to provide the protection necessary for all the journalists and media professionals who are vulnerable to killing because they work in the field of media.

ANHRI demanded from the Somalian authorities to conduct an urgent investigation over killing Ahmed Sherif and detect the doers to be brought to a trial.


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