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Eritrea Pledges Support to Somalia Government
Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Government of the State of Eritrea has thrown its full support and recognition towards the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia under the Federal Government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

According to Eritrean diplomat at the UN, it is now official that Eritrea recognizes the Federal government of Somalia as the legitimate representative of the people of Somalia.

Sources at the UN Security Council suggests that Eritrea has notified Council members about the said ‘recognition‘ in an informal way when it presents its statement during the informal consultation on July 12 with the Security Council Committee concerning Somalia and Eritrea.

In an interview he made today with the Voice of America (VOA), Eritrean envoy to the UN, Ambassador Araya Desta, confirmed that “Eritrea now supports earnestly the efforts of the Government of Somalia in stabilizing the country.”

Somalia has endured more than 20 years of war and lawlessness since the fall of President Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991.

The successive Somali Transitional National Governments (TNG) that are established outside of Somalia have been repeatedly rejected by the Somali people. They all have been characterized by incessant internal conflict, lack of progress on the key transitional tasks and failure to build functioning institutions.

Eritrea does not recognize any of the externally established TNGs because it believes they are illegitimate regimes that have been imposed upon the Somali people against their will.

However, with the election of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the first ever president to be elected on home soil in four decades, a new window of opportunity opened for the revival of the historic Somalia-Eritrea relationship.

Ambassador Desta re-affirms Eritrea’s opposition to all negative interventions in the internal affairs of the country and encourages all Somalis to engage in constructive dialogue and national reconciliation.


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