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EAEF To Build Largest Engineering Faculty In Somalia

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The East African Energy Forum has announced today in Mogadishu that it will build Somalia's largest engineering and geoscience faculty producing over 100 engineers by 2017 in partnership with Benadir University. The group which is comprised of Somali experts in engineering and natural resources, announced the plan in front of over 250 students and faculty at the university's Mogadishu headquarters.
"We have come here to announce our investment in our future and our young Somali students and to provide them with world class education rıght here in Somalia, this project will be complete by September 2017 God Willing" said Abdillahı Mohamud, the group's founder and director.
Preparing For Somalia's Natural Resources Future
The group's announcement comes at a time when the world's attention is squarely on Somalia's large untapped natural resources ranging from fisheries, petroleum and mining. Mr. Mohamud says the regulation of these foreign interests is something the group takes seriously.
"We are adamant on making sure the African resource curse does not occur in Somalia, and by ınvesting in a nationalistic and well educated Somali beauracracy to oversee this vital sector, we are attempting to shut the door on corruption and mismanagement"
Tabling Effective Legislation
EAEF's Mogadishu trip also included lengthy and fruitful discussions with the Somali Parliament and relevant ministries on a plan to regulate and lay down effective and nationlistic laws that will see Somalia's natural resources used to benefit the entire country.
Mohamud believes its time for all Somalis to look to themselves to change their country rather than relying solely on the government to do all the vital tasks needed by the country.
"This country deserves a long term vision and though. Somalia's resources belong to its people, and as such our task is straight forward, we want the absolute best for the country and we will always support only that which is in Somalia's national interest."


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