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President Hassan pays a visit to Garowe

Hiiraan Online
Sunday, April 28, 2013

Somalia’s President Hassan Shiekh Mohamud payed his first visit to Garowe, The administrative capital of Puntland, since he was elected on September, last year.

The president and his delegation was received by Puntland leader, Abdirahman Shiekh Mohamed Farole and cheering supporters in Garowe airport.

The two leaders discussed contentious issues in the country, including creating regional governments, cooperation and Puntland’s role in transforming the country into a functioning federal states.

“The only way that Somalis can reunite again is to implement the federal constitution” said Abdirahman Farole, President of Puntland in a press conference held in Garowe.

Somalia President, Hassan Shiekh Mohamud hailed Puntland for it’s role in ending the transition and drafting the Somali constitution.

“Puntland has played a major role in the process that the country has ended it’s transitional period and we urge them to play the same positive role in the new Somalia” said President Hassan.

He affirmed that the country’s unity is inevitable.

Ahmed Abdisamad
[email protected]


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