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Somalia: Puntland Asks for Federal Support in Fight Against Al-Shabaab

Monday, April 08, 2013

The Puntland regional government has requested material and technical assistance from the Somali federal government to fight al-Shabaab, Somalia's RBC Radio reported on Saturday (April 6th).

"Puntland feels an extensive need for support in terms of security and justice from the federal government of Somalia," Puntland Minister of Justice Yusuf Ahmed Khayr said at a judicial reform conference in Mogadishu. "I wish to remind [President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud] of Somalia to send resources and experts in law and security to train the local security forces in Puntland."

Al-Shabaab militants ousted from southern and central Somalia, including senior leadership, have been moving into Puntland, especially the Galgala Mountains.


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