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Somalia government downplays UK terror alert on possible attacks
Hiiraan Online
Sunday, April 07, 2013

The federal government of Somalia has downplayed a terror warning issued by the British government.

Terrorists are in the final stages of planning attacks in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, the British government has warned on Saturday.

In a response issued by Somalia’s information minister Abdullahi Hersi Elmoge said security agencies in Somalia didnot report any terror plots that can lead to such warnings.

“Britain has the right to warn its citizens from risk, but we donot have any formal information of possible attacks.” Mr Elmoge said.

Despite recent car bombings and assassinations, the minister assured that The security of the capital is reliable.

“The security of Mogadishu has been improving  in recent months and it’s good so far” he added.

British Foreign Office's website warned their nationals to travel to Somalia and stated that attacks in and around Mogadishu continue to be carried out by al-Shabaab and others opposed to the Somali government with out any further details.

Ahmed Abdisamad
[email protected]


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