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Bomb blast Survivors cry foul
Saturday, April 06, 2013

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The survivors of the August 7 1998 Bomb blast have cried foul due to failure of the outgoing government to honor their demand for compensation from the U.S.A government whose embassy was the main target of the attack.

The US embassy attack claimed 219 lives while injuring more than 5,000 some of them who are hospitalized to date.

Speaking during a press conference Friday, the Seventh Bomb Blast Victim Association Chairman, Paul Wala said that their efforts to reach the government for compensation have been futile.

According to the chairman some of the survivors have passed on while others live with permanent physical disabilities resulting from the incident and their cases have not been solved yet.

“Survivors are suffering and are in need of proper care,” he said

Despite the fact that they have been constantly trying to convince the government to honor their demands Mr. Wala maintained that the association will never give up until their demands are met.

They expressed their disappointment on the Prime Minister, Raila Odinga’s failure to keep his promise that he was going to make a follow up with the USA government on the matter.

“Mr. Odinga has left the government without helping us,” Said Wala.

After the government failed to meet their demands, they held demonstration at the US Embassy only to be told to channel their pleas through the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The association then wrote a letter to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Prof. Sam Ongeri, but he did not respond, and this led them to request the incoming government to intervene and ensure that they are compensated.

“We are still pushing for this matter and we hope that through the incoming government our request will be dealt with immediate concern so that we are considered as true Kenyans,” he added.

Mr. Wala said that the USA government is willing to honor their demands as long as the government intervenes.

Among the officials present in the briefing were, the Association Secretary, Jenifer Lugaye, the Organizing Secretary, George Ngige accompanied by two other survivors Theresa Wangui and Grace Ndinda.

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