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Statement by Somali President on the Charcoal Export at Kismayo Port

Office of the Somali President

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mogadishu — The Somali government reiterates the ban on charcoal exports In line with the UN Security Council resolution where all member states were asked to take the necessary measures to prevent the export and import of charcoal from Somalia which the Government of Somalia previously originated the request for the ban on the grounds that the charcoal business is not only hazardous to the environment but also detrimental to the security efforts.

Therefore, we express our deep concerns of any possibility to violate the UN security council resolution that bans charcoal and the government is in the process of forming task force to make sure and prevent any violations of the charcoal ban”  . 

The Federal Government is pleased by what has been achieved since the takeover of Kismayo by the Somali forces and AMISOM. The local leaders in Kismayo have the responsibility to put the people first, above any political differences and self interests what so ever and to ensure security, stability and restore confidence to the public.  

The clear position of the Somali Government is to maintain the seaport and the air port facility solely open for humanitarian assistance, AMISOM and Somali forces are making sure to keep this task until an interim administration is established in due course.

It is the solid belief of the Somali Government that the people of Kismayo are fed up with counter productive politics, worlordism and extresmism and they deserve security, stability, basic serivce delivery and prosperous future. Therefore, the charcoal at the port will be stored for the time being so as the government to come up with the best course of action to deal with it in time.

The Somali Government is committed to comply with the UN Security Council Resolution 2036 and calls for the uphold of the ban and stand ready to continue to assist the people of Kismayo. We are taking full responsibility to mobilize humanatarian assistance and the government is in the process of sending ship of aid from the federal government to the people of Kismayo.

Office of the Somali President
Mogadishu, Somalia


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