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Malawi Police nab woman for harbouring illegal Somali immigrants

Nyasa Times
Thursday, September 20, 2012

Police in Dedza are keeping in custody a business woman for habouring three illegal immigrants from Somalia.

Dedza police publist sergeant Edward Kabango says the woman Shyreen Sheha contravened section 23 sub-section 1 of immigration act.

“Sheha told the police that the three Somalia’s were brought to her home by a man whom she claimed she doesn’t know and asked her to look the after them,” Kabango says.

He says the police did not found the Somalis at Sheha’s house as they were suspected of having sneaked to the bordering Mozambican town.

But Kabango says Sheha whose home village is Machokola in the area of Tradtional Authority Makhuwila in Chikhwawa district is expected to appear before court soon to answer charges of harboring illegal immigrants as she did not deny having hosted the Somalis immigrants.

The issue comes after Dedza third grade magistrate Christopher Kampaliro fined three Somali illegal immigrants MK15, 000 each or in default serve a six months prison sentence after found guilty of entering the country without proper documents.

The three are the 25 year old  Muhamed Saxan, Abdul Isah aged 28  and Muhamed Ali who is 20. The court heard that The trio was rounded up at Wenela resthouse on August 25.


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