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Tea Party Councilwoman Accuses Somali Community of Voter Fraud

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Did you know hundreds of illegal Muslim Somali immigrants are being bused to the polls by Franklin County Democrats who have a secret plan to reelect President Obama through the use of specially trained Somali interpreters and fake voter registrations?

Seriously.  It must be true.  Some anonymous Republican tipster told Sarah Marie Brenner – Powell City Councilwoman, wife of State Rep Andy Brenner and author of the over-the-top, Right Wing blog Brenner Brief - so why shouldn’t we believe it?

Brenner’s column, published yesterday at Human Events, presents no proof for any of her anonymous tips.  Instead, she spins a tale of potential voter fraud among Central Ohio’s flourishing Somali community, which contains at least 18,000 U.S. citizens, simply because some of the voters requested help from an interpreter to follow the all-English and often confusing voting instructions.

Again, Brenner has no evidence or even logical proof that any non-citizen is voting, she simply presents this scary scenario showing how easy it would be for an illegal Somali immigrant to vote in Ohio:  All they would have to do is fly 8,000 miles from Somalia to Columbus, “get an apartment, turn on the heat, bring in the Columbia Gas bill, register to vote by the deadline, and vote by showing that same bill” with the help of an interpreter.

Boom!  Seven easy steps to Voter Fraud!

We’re used to Ms. Brenner and her special brand of right-wing craziness on Twitter.  But this “story” is really over the top.

It’s nothing more than unsupported anonymous tips and conspiracy theories of the worst kind, woven together to tell a story that most certainly is not true.   It’s this type of Xenophobic bullshit that gives Brenner and her Tea Party lot their much deserved reputation for ignorant intolerance.

You only need to read the violent anti-Muslim responses in the post’s comments to know who Brenner’s writing appeals to. I’ll leave you with a select few…

“with hundreds of thousands of muslim somalies who hate americans here of course there will be terror its the reason oweboma continues to bring them in by the thousands.”
“How Does Obama get away with this? How does Congress allow this Muslim invasion? Let me understand this: The Somali Muslims are refugees from What? From the problems and violence directly attributable to that evil religion!! So we bring them here to spread their evil religion? ARE WE STUPID?? BECAUSE WE ARE EITHER STUPID TO ALLOW THIS OR THERE IS TREASON GOING ON!!”
“hope everyone is armed because anyone supporting Obama will riot and try to burn things down. I believe islamic terrorist will come out of the woodwork as well.”
“Just intimidate them by staring them down. Get in their face and ask them who they are, where they are from, etc…”
“It has always been said that when the 1st Amendment rights have been exhausted, we then move onto our 2nd Amendment rights. “
“This WAS all planned when the Dems Pelosi Reid etc saw that Hilary could NOT win, NOW the Dems have Bill speaking for them? Clinton AND Obama are the most corrupt in the world Clinton was Impeached, He is 100% agaist womens rights, You and I know what he thinks women are for! Obama IS a muslim see the youtube videos and get the truth,Muslims have NO regard for women or anyone else. They can do anything in the name of ALLAH”



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