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Four terror suspects wanted by police

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The four suspects Yassin Olunga alias Ndungu,Ali Masadiq, Shaban Namusenda Makotse and Hassan Omondi Owiti alias Budalangi

The Kenya Police Unit Sunday circulated pictures of four persons suspected to have been trained on terrorism in Somalia. The four have also been linked to a number of terrorism activities in Nairobi and Mombasa.

In a press statement, Police Spokesperson Erick Kiraithe said the four are currently believed to be on the run inside Kenya and planning acts of terrorism in Mombasa and Nairobi.

One suspect has been identified as Hassan Omondi Owiti alias Budalangi, alias Budapest, alias Omosh.

Shaban Namusenda Makotse who hails from Mumias  is the other suspect. He is of medium build and has adopted a strong Kiswahili accent to disguise himself.

The third suspect is Yassin Olunga alias Ndungu while Ali Masadiq who is small bodied and can easily pass as a primary school pupil is the fourth terrorism suspect wanted by the police.

According to Kiraithe, Masaqid is mainly used to carry out surveillance on potential terrorism targets and to convey firearms and grenades.

Meanwhile, the Kenya Police is appealing to Fuad Abubakar to report immediately to the nearest Police Station.

Abubakar was charged in Mombasa law Courts earlier this year together with Jermaine Grant for the criminal offences of being in possession of explosives, being member of an organized criminal and preparation to commit a felony.

He is currently out on 2 million shillings bond.                                                                                                         

Any person with information on the whereabouts of the suspects is urged to pass the information to police or other security officers promptly.

The statement said, "Police would wish to warn the public that the above named persons maybe armed and dangerous. Any person with information on the whereabouts of the any or all of them should pass the information to police or other security officer promptly."


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