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China calls for effective governance in Somalia

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
by Thomas Whittle

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 16 — China on Tuesday called on the new government of Somalia to actively implement the interim constitution and extend effective governance over the whole territory of the country.

Li Baodong, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, made the remarks as he addressed an open Security Council meeting on the situation in Somalia.

Li said that China hopes all parties in Somalia to continue to take forward the political process and national reconciliation. ” We hope the relevant parties to seize this historical opportunity for the greater good of national stability and development, strengthen unity and cooperation, and bridge their differences through dialogue and consultations.”

“We support the Somali new government in its efforts to implement the interim constitution, exercise the government functions, extend effective authority over all its national territories,” he said. “We urge different factions in Somalia to renounce violence and join the peace process as soon as possible.”

China also supports Somalia’s efforts in expediting the building of security sectors in order to assume full responsibility of safeguarding national sovereignty and stability.

Li pointed out that poverty and underdevelopment is the root causes of the twenty-year turbulence in Somalia. “We hope the various parties in Somalia to stipulate an economic and reconstruction plan so as to make the Somali people see the prospect of national peace and development.”

China calls on the UN and all donor countries to deliver their current commitment, raise more funds and resources to help Somalia realize economic and social development.

China hopes the UN will play actively a coordinating role, on the basis of fully respecting the sovereignty of Somalia and taking into account opinions from the African Union and other regional organizations, in formulating a comprehensive and viable plan for the international community to help Somalis achieve stability and development, and put it into effect as soon as possible, said the Chinese ambassador.


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