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Somalia’s president pays visit to Beledweyne


Hiiraan Online
Ahmed Abdisamad
Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A day after he made his first  tour outside of the capital, to Badioa, south-west of Somalia, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamed headed to the flood ravaged city of Beledweyne in central Somalia.

The president made his tribute to the flood victims, after heavy floods hit Beledweyne, killing dozens of people and forcing hundreds out of their homes.

Adressing  the people of Beledweyne, the president described the situation of the town as a disastrous one.

“Iam here to pay my tribute, to the flood victims who lost their loved ones, that was national tragedy” said the president.

He  pledged to prioritize the security ,explaining his government’s for year plan to rule the country.

“Our first, second and third priority will be the country’s security, there is nothing without security” he added.

Elsewhere, the president promised to appoint new prime minister for the country, according to his consultations with the people.

“ When it comes to appointing the prime minister, you will have your say on it,your views will be heard” said Hassan.

Close sources to the president say his next stop will be Garowe, The administrative capital of Puntland.



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