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Somalis Attacked in Nairobi After Deadly Church Blast

Monday, October 01, 2012

Kenyan police on Sunday dispersed dozens of people throwing stones at Somalis in Nairobi after a blast at a church killed one child and wounded nine.

Around 100 people targeted people of Somali appearance and their homes in the Pangani quarter of the Kenyan capital, where a suspected grenade attack killed the child and wounded nine others.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, which came a day after Islamist fighters in neighbouring Somalia were forced to abandon their last bastion in the country.

Three journalists of Somali origin working for the Horn Cable TV were also arrested as they filmed the scene.

The journalists whose names were not immediately released were bundled into a police vehicle that sped off under tight security.

Other journalists at the scene witnessed as police confiscated their TV camera, notebooks and microphone. They held a microphone with the label HCTV-Horn Cable TV.

The journalists showed police officers international press cards to allow them continue with their work but their pleas were not heard.

"They are going to be interrogated to establish if they are indeed journalists or they are here on another motive," the Head of police operations in Nairobi, Wilfred Mbithi said.

Police have in the past said terrorists were staying behind terror attack scenes and posing as journalists to gather intelligence.

Source: CapitalFM


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