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Somali Boy’s Greek Detention Story Shocks

Greek Reporter
Friday, November 30, 2012
By Christina Flora

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A video for Greece cited on website childdetention.org, shocked with the appalling living conditions of the infamous immigrant detention center of Pagani, in Mytilene.

The video has been the trademark of the Global Campaign to End Child Immigration Detention. Abdi, who left his country Somalia and moved to Greece in hope of a better life, ended up as a detainee. He narrated his story of 17 grueling days in the detention center.

All the detainees ate, slept, and stayed in a large room which had only one toilet. He was released on condition that he would leave Greece within a month. “This was a jail. We were 50 people living in the same room,” he said.

He tried to escape with a fake passport, but when he arrived at the airport he was arrested with some other immigrants. Abdi states in the video that he was not arrested because he was a minor. He said he was detained in a narrow room at the airport.

“I stayed there for 17 days, without bathing or changing clothes, and I was allowed to go to the toilet only two times a day. After this experience, I hated my life, I was praying to God to release me. At the airport it was really hard experience. I will never forget it,” he said.


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