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Bundoora mother of four reunites six orphaned Somali relatives
The Northern Weekly
Monday, May 14, 2012

SIX orphans from Somalia have been reunited with their only living relative. Bundoora resident Shamsa Hassan, who has four children of her own, knew she had to get the children to Australia.

She received news that her sister and then her father had died in the war-torn north African nation.

"When the children were orphaned, they were aged between four and 11. I knew I couldn't abandon them," she said.

"I embarked on a very difficult journey that took several years but now we are finally a family."

The Preston-based Spectrum Immigration Services, which celebrates its fifth anniversary this month, was instrumental in the reunion.

Practice manager Mary Hanna said: "The people we meet have the most amazing stories, all very unique, but with something in common: the desire for a better life.

"A better life for our clients doesn't mean anything extravagant, just something as basic as being able to reunite with one's family ... we try to make the journey easier. "


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