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Widespread irregularities is reported on the selection of the Traditional Clan Elders
Suldan Faqi Said Faqi Suldan
Hiiraan Online
Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Mogadishu, Somalia (HOL) - Some traditional clan elders are coming out and complaining irregularities in the selection process of the traditional clan elders as genuine clan elders are substituted with fake non-traditional clan elders in order to sway potential MPs in favor of voting for certain presidential candidates.

One of those Somali Clan elders who spoke strongly against the tainted process is Suldan Faqi Said Faqi Suldan who after informing members of his clansmen that he will thoroughly follow the process and consult with other traditional elders of the clan was threatened and kicked out of the conference hall.

“Politicians who are part of the selection process in ending the transition as well as government officials were responsible for such reprehensible action and that there will be other genuine clan elders who will be disqualified in the coming days and substituted with fake clan elders” said Suldan Faqi in VOA interview.



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