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Zambia: Somali diplomats clash in Lusaka
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Sunday, May 06, 2012
There were dramatic scenes at the Somali Embassy in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, Friday when the Horn of African nation's Ambassador to Zambia Shirwa Ibrahim received another diplomat who was appointed to take over his job without being informed. The independent Post newspaper reported Saturday that the police, who were alerted, had a tough time stopping the two diplomats from engaging in fisticuffs.

Sources at the police headquarters confirmed the incident and said no arrests were made because the two aggrieved persons had proof they are diplomats.

“A complain was registered at Woodlands police station this morning (Friday) by a man who identified himself as the Somalia’s Ambassador to Zambia. He said there was a man who was bothering him at the office, claiming that he had been appointed by their President (Sharif Sheik Ahmed) to take his job,” the source told the Post.

“When the officers went there (at the embassy), the situation got very tense because the two got physical while shouting at each other in their (native) language. The new diplomat refused to leave the office, claiming that he was the Ambassador appointed by the President and he had reported for duty. The old diplomat also got angry, claiming that the new man was an impostor. It was very embarrassing and shocking,” the source said.

Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela said of the clash: “I can confirm that there was a situation at the Somali embassy in Lusaka and our officers from Woodlands police station were sent. There, they found that both were diplomats and as per procedure, we reported the matter to the chief of protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

The embassy, situated in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area, remains closed.


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