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Somaliland Government and Traditional Elders Agree on A Five Point Strategy

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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The vice president said the government is consulting with traditional leaders in order to discuss a number of issues which the government considers of national importance.

VP Hon Abdirahman Abdillahi ismael (saylici) speaking at a gathering of more than 80 tribal leaders (SULTANS) held at Mansoor hotel directed that no single individual or tribal grouping would be allowed to engage with Somalia.

“All individuals or tribal groupings meetings with Somalia are banned forthwith, Security agencies are on high alert to deal with instigators of tribal animosities in the country,” warned the VP.
The VP said those politicians plotting to use tribal agenda’s, to trigger animosities among the communities in the country; He warned that the government will not allow tribalists to destabilize peace in the country.

The Minister of internal affairs Hon Mohamed Nuur Araale (Dur) warned the state is on the lookout for leaders issuing inflammatory and provocative speeches.

He cautioned that inciters and propagators of tribal hatred will be dealt with according to the law and i ask local administrators and police chiefs to take appropriate action against such offenders.

He also ordered the police commissioner, to monitor activities of some politicians scheming to inciter various communities in the country; he added I assure you that the government is keen on safeguarding the security of all somalilanders.

After five hours of deliberations the government and tribal elders at gathering agreed upon five main points:

• That no tribal grouping or political party is allowed to approach or engage with Somalia on behalf of Somaliland and that the government of Somaliland is the only for delegating and administering any future talks with Somalia.

• Anyone caught engaging with Somalia will be charged with treason.
•  All political demonstration are banned.

• The government and tribal leaders have agreed to work together so as to uphold peace and security.

• Tribal leaders have been tasked to facilitate peace talks with our brothers in buhodle and sool.

Although the official political system of Somaliland is based on a democratic voting system sometimes it gets entwined with cultural system which allows tribal leaders to play a direct role in shaping the public opinion.


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