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Museveni to hold talks with Somalia's Prime Minister
New Vision
Thursday, June 28, 2012

Somali Prime Minister Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali is expected in the country this evening at 10pm.

Ali became Somalia’s Prime Minister as a result of the Kampala Accord which was crafted here in Kampala by President Museveni last June.

He will meet Museveni on Friday, the Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and the Army Chief Gen Aronda Nyakairima.

Ali will also visit a few families of Ugandan soldiers currently serving under AMISOM, relatives of those who died and those who are wounded.

For security reasons, details of the program are guarded but the advance team is already.

Ali in the one year he has been the Prime minister has brought a number of reforms in the War Torn Somalia.

 He has managed to  rally Somalis against the Al-Shabaab militants where Somali now regard the terrorist outfit the number one enemy which must be fought in the country a move which has seen a number of Somalis in diaspora return home to participate in the rebuilding their country.

He has also managed to achieve many of the provisions of the Kampala Peace Accord for Somalia signed last year. They include the drafting of a new constitution for Somalia, selecting 135 Somali Elders to elect 825 Constituent Assembly Delegates who will ratify and approve the Constitution as well as elect 225 members of Parliament who will elect the President Since Somalia does not hold elections under adult suffrage.


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