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Family member of TFG officer sentenced to death appeals conviction

Mohamud Hussein Maalin

Hiiraan Online
Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Family of a TFG military officer sentenced by a Military Court in the District of Afgoi complains the process of sentencing him the death penalty without due process of the law

(HOL)- The family of a member of the TFG military who was stationed in a check point in Afgoi who was sentenced to death penalty is complaining about the sentence and accusing the government and the judge who sentenced him for travesty of justice by failing to undertake a thorough investigation and by rushing to judgment without due process of the law.

The accused TFG army officer Mohamud Hussein Maalin who is sentenced to the death penalty was stationed at the time of the incident in an Afgoi check point with clear orders to fire any car that fails to stop at the check point. The officer fired at a car that failed to stop, consequently killing one and injuring another two    

“This is a miscarriage of justice by rushing judgment without completing an investigation” said the family of the accused. This incident took place on Friday June 15, 2012 and the accused was sentenced to the death penalty a day later on Sunday June 17, 2012, which is inline with the version of the family of the accused that this is a rushed up judgment and the whole process of disregarding the due process had the look of a kangaroo court
“We demand a thorough investigation and the due process of the law and if he is found to be guilty he should be sentenced otherwise he should be given his freedom” said his family

This is not the first time that the Military court is accused of travesty of justice and failing to undertake thorough investigations, Human rights groups have observed in the past such violations of the rights of the accused by the Military court. It was only the beginning of this month when another officer who fired at a car and killed its driver was not arrested and not brought before the court of law.


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