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AMISOM urges Somali leaders to re‐energize the ongoing political process

Press Release
Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mogadishu –  The Deputy Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (DSRCC) for Somalia, Honorable Wafula Wamunyinyi has urged Somali leaders to re‐energize the ongoing political process to compliment recent military successes; emphasizing that military achievements alone will not bring about peace and stability.

He said that Somalia has reached a critical juncture in its political history as the progress made towards completing the road map, cumulating to the end of the Somali transition, have provided crucial moments to determine the future of the country. The Istanbul Conference, the London Conference and the Addis Ababa meeting, recently added momentum to the country’s political process which should usher in a new constitutional order and a more legitimate government.

The Deputy Special Representative reaffirmed the African Union’s commitment to supporting the TFG in the implementation of activities towards the end of the transition, warning that AMISOM along with other members of the international community will not allow spoilers to derail the process.

“As we draw closer to the end of the transitional period, there will be heightened political activities and I wish to reiterate my earlier calls to all stakeholders to refrain from acts and statements that may distract the ongoing political progress and a new dawn of peace enjoyed in Mogadishu and most parts of the country.”

The Deputy Special Representative announced that the Force Commander ‐Lieutenant General Andrew Gutti has taken command of forces in lower Juba (sector II) since a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the African Union Commission and the Government of Kenya, fully integrating the Kenyan Defense Forces into AMISOM’s military component.

“This has bolstered AMISOM military successes since AU troops secured Afgooye and Afmadow. These victories are important steps of AMISOM’s operation helping to provide security to thousands who have previously been held captive by Al‐Shabaab terrorists and fulfilling AMISOM’s mandate to secure humanitarian corridors enabling humanitarian assistance to reach those in need.” He said.

Honorable Wamunyinyi also said that AMISOM will soon deploy two Formed Police Units (FPUs) each consisting of 140 personnel from Uganda and Nigeria. The FPUs will play a critical role in aiding the Somali Police Force in an exercise to wipe out Al‐Qaeda backed Al‐Shabaab remnants to improve security. AMISOM Police will continue to work directly with their Somali counterparts, ensuring vigilant patrol of Mogadishu streets, crime prevention, public order and general restoration of the rule of law.

 Source: AMISOM


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