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Another 20 refugees resettled in the US last week
Times of Malta
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another 20 refugees from Eritrea and Somalia left Malta to embark on a new life in the US last week, the US embassy said.

Later this month, another group will be departing for the US bringing the numbers to over 1,000 refugees since the United States became actively engaged in refugee resettlement from Malta in 2006.

In its statement, the embassy said the United States is a nation of immigrants and has a long history of welcoming refugees.

In an address to the refugees, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. Michael R. DeTar said the protection of the most vulnerable is one of the core common values shared between Malta and the US.

"We all share a moral imperative to save lives and I commend the Maltese authorities for their commitment to save and to protect the lives of those in need.

"This programme is a success thanks to the collaboration of the Maltese government and several local and international organisations which offer support to the refugees throughout their time in Malta."
The latest group of refugees will be resettled in several different cities throughout the US.

On arrival, each refugee will be assigned a sponsor agency that provides initial services such as housing, food, and clothing, as well as referral to medical care, employment services, and other support during a transition period lasting up to two years in order to ensure integration and assimilation.


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