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Refugees in SA compare Olympics to their lives
Monday, July 30, 2012

A group of young refugees from Asia and Africa, living in San Antonio are keeping a close watch on the Olympics as they cheer on their home countries and their newly adopted USA.

Just like an athlete the refugees are achieving their goals with dedication and determination by mastering the language barrier, the culture and now college courses.

“When you come from totally different from where you used to be, it takes courage to interact with them, it takes courage to mix with them, it takes courage to mix a lot,” explained Amin Jama, a refugee.

Twenty three year old Amin Jama has been in the United States for the past year and a half. He’s from Kenya and before moving to San Antonio, he lived in a refugee camp with no running water or other basic amenities.

The story is similar for other young men providing a support group for each other in San Antonio. But with all of the challenges they make time for fun and games and that includes keeping up with the 2012 Olympic Games.

Amin shared, “My dad is from Ethiopia, my mom is from Somalia, I’ve been living in Kenya and they are all rivals so I’ll be shooting for the one that gets the first position”.

Amin also likes basketball and says he is backing the USA team, the “dream team” all the way.

Aside from sports Amin is focused on his college classes at San Antonio Community College and aspires to become a nurse.

Dharani Timsina who is from the country of Bhutan and was a refugee in Nepal is also making strides as a student at SAC. But for now he is taking time out to visit with friends and talk about the Olympics.

Dharani said, “I'm going for the United States soccer team, for girls, yeah”.

They are from lands far away and are adjusting as best they can to our cultural. And, they are proud to now call themselves Americans.


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