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UN special envoy to Somalia, ambassador Mahiga says Coming parliamentarians extended
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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United Nations especial representative to Somali’s political affairs, Ambassador Augustine Mhiga has today on Monday revealed that number of the new Somali parliament members were made 275 as suggested by Somali traditional elders in the capital Mogadishu already.

Ambassador Augustine, UN special envoy to Somalia, told traditional clan elders that his office and officials of the Somali transitional federal government agreed with increasing parliamentarians counting to 275 while it was 225 only.

The outgoing Somali parliament members were 500

This statement comes as Somali prime minister, Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali and ambassador Mhiga visited where traditional elders are convening and had meeting with them today and Somali premier stressed that it is no longer needed other delay to the conference that is due to hold for approving the draft constitution.

Somalia is getting new political challenge and changes as it is supposed to have permanent government and new parliament and new president after August next month.


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