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Soccer Tournament Takes Place at Ankara Stadium in Mogadishu
Journal of Turkish Weekly -
Monday, July 23, 2012

A soccer tournament took place at the Ankara Stadium built by the Turkish Red Crescent Aid Society in Mogadishu, Somalia on Saturday.

The soccer tournament was one between the offices of regional sub-governors.

The Chairman of the Turkish Red Crescent, Ahmet Lutfi Akar and Wadajir Regional Sub-governor Ahmed Hassan Addu attended the inauguration of the soccer tournament.

Prior to the tournament, a friendly match took place between young individuals staying in tents.

Lutfi Akar made the opening kick and the 40-minute friendly match resulted in a 1-1 draw.

Speaking to reporters at the Ankara Stadium, Akar said that "the stadium was full of animal bones and it was highly dirty. There were children trying to play soccer on the bones. We turned the region into a stadium by establishing an incinerator for bones".

We believe that, through sportive activities, we can establish a Somalia full of more peace, Akar also said.


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