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Shabaab warns of attacks in the city
Militants of al-Shabaab train with weapons on a street in the outskirts of Mogadishu. Photo/REUTERS

Militants of al-Shabaab train with weapons on a street in the outskirts of Mogadishu. Photo/REUTERS 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Al-shabaab is planning terror attacks in Nairobi over the month of Ramadhan that starts on Saturday, police have said.

Nairobi police boss Anthony Kibuchi said this on Friday, a day after he ordered increased police surveillance around shopping malls and bus stops in the city.
“Al-Shabaab terrorists have issued threats that they will carry out massive destruction during the Holy Month of Ramadhan. Let everybody be extra alert,” he said.

He added that paramilitary police are on city streets patrols.

Mr Kibuchi added that business owners had been advised to frisk customers before allowing them into their premises.

“That’s why everybody has to comply whenever being frisked before entering supermarkets, shops and restaurants, among other places,” said Mr Kibuchi.

On Thursday, the Israeli embassy in Nairobi repeated warnings of a global onslaught by terrorists, saying Kenya was among the countries targeted.

Somalia-based Al-Shabaab has since October last year hit targets in Kenya, most recently in Wajir, where four people were injured in twin grenade explosions on Tuesday.

One blast went off at around 7.45pm at Dubai Shopping Mall and the second exploded about 400 metres away.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the situation as horrific.

On Wednesday, a United Nations report said that Al-Shabaab was planning grenade attacks at one of its offices in Nairobi.

Al-Shabaab launched terror attacks in Kenya after Kenya Defence Forces entered Somalia in October last year.

At least 19 attacks have occurred using grenades.

Nairobi has been hit four times.

Last week, the United States embassy prohibited its staff from travelling to North Eastern Province, where most attacks have happened, and cautioned its citizens from making unnecessary visits.
Source: Daily Nation


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