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Man applied for UAE visas for '40 sons'

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Applicant jailed one year as all but one were not related to him

The UAE’s top court sentenced a Somali man to one year in prison on charges of lying to immigration authorities by obtaining visas for 40 presumed sons. Investigation later showed only one of them was actually his son.

The Federal Supreme Court (FSC) also sentenced the other 39 defendants to six months in absentia and ordered their deportation from the UAE.

Court sources said the man had applied for visas in Dubai but immigration employees suspected his application for the high number of sons.

“Two of those who came on that visa were referred to the prosecutor…when they were asked whether they are the man’s sons, they said they had no relationship to him,” Emirat Alyoum newspaper said.

It quoted the son as saying his father has married many times in Somalia but it did not make clear whether all the 40 were in Dubai.


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