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Somali National Constituent Assembly re-scheduled for next week

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Somali National Constituent Assembly (NCA) will convene on July 21st, following a postponement from July 12th, Abdullahi Osman, chairman of the technical selection committee, told Sabahi Sunday (July 15th).

The convention was postponed last week as some tribal leaders failed to adhere to the specified timetable for selecting members of the NCA.

Osman told Sabahi that 75% of the NCA's members have been presented to the technical selection committee, and that tribal leaders will continue to add names until Thursday. As the selection committee receives names, it verifies that the appointees meet the criteria and conditions set forth in the Roadmap, the Garowe Principles and other agreements.

Osman called on traditional leaders to expedite the selection of the remaining NCA members and to honour this newly given extension.

President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Speaker of Parliament Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aadan and Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali met with tribal leaders in Mogadishu on Saturday to discuss technical issues that led to tribal leaders' failure to submit the NCA appointees by July 12th.

"I would like to stress that we cannot waste any more time," Ali said. "Failure to comply with this new deadline could lead to a new delay, which is unacceptable. Time is running out on completing the tasks of the transitional period."

Ahmed also said that clans who fail to submit their delegates in advance of the deadline will forfeit their participation in the meeting, Somalia's RBC Radio reported.


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