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K’naan ‘killed’ in diss track by US-based rapper

Capital FM, Kenya
Sunday, July 15, 2012

Somali-Canadian rapper K’naan has had holes poked into his waving flag by a relatively new rapper and countryman, Kay.

The singer, who calls himself Minnesota’s Future, tore into K’naan for apparently ‘selling his soul’ and being unreal about his concern for the hardships facing millions of Somalis.

The track, TIA Trouble in Africa, brands K’naan as someone who used to be real but has now lost his priorities.

The root of the ‘beef’ that Kay seems to have with the multiple award winner is still somewhere in the air, and fans are anxious to hear if K’naan will retaliate.

Kay goes as far as putting a picture of K’naan in a coffin, all the while declaring war.

Some fans commenting on the video have chastised Kay, saying he should not try and stoke a Tupac/Biggie type war, but unite as Somali musicians.

Others however told Kay to keep telling the truth and stand up for the people of Somalia.


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