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Mwingi police arrest ‘TFG soldier’ heading to Nairobi

The Star
Friday, July 06, 2012

Police in Mwingi yesterday arrested a man and his father who claimed to be a Transitional Federal Government soldier in Somalia and his father on their way to Nairobi. The man, identified as Ahmed Adan and his father Abdi Mohamed, were flushed out of a Nairobi-bound bus that was travelling from Garissa.

Police who have mounted a roadblock a kilometer from Mwingi town said the two did not have identification documents. Adan, who appeared confused, claimed that he was taking his father to Nairobi for treatment. “I am soldier with TFG in Somalia. We are from Elwak,” Adan said in poor Kiswahili. Police said they will charge the two for being in the country illegally. Following the terror attack at AIC and Catholic churches in Garissa on Sunday, police in Mwingi have started screening passengers on the Garissa-Mwingi-Nairobi highway. Seventeen people were killed in the attacks.

PSVs stop at the roadblock where passengers alight for screening and the vehicle is also checked.  They are allowed to board the vehicles and continue with their journey after producing their identification documents. Private cars are not spared either. “We have increaded security surveillance on this highway, every passenger must be screened and those found to be suspicious will be arrested for more questioning,” said Mwingi OCS Jonathan Wafula at the roadblock. He said the screening will continue in the coming months.


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