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Somalia: 1st July, the independent day is highly marked in Mogadishu
Sunday, July 01, 2012

Highly well-organized celebrations that were being marked to the 52nd anniversary and independent day of 1st July when southern regions took independence and at the same time southern and northern regions of Somalia united having the first elected government in 1960 has last and today on Sunday occurred in the Somali capital Mogadishu and other parts of the country.

One of the biggest celebrations of 1st July occurred at the presidential palace where government officials, hundreds of Mogadishu residents, people from diaspora including boys and girls dressed with cloths painted national blue flag, journalists from state run media and local F.M television stations, singers and security forces have joyfully attended the well beautified ceremony.

President of Somali transitional federal government, Sharif Sh. Ahmed who gave speech at the occasion mid last night when the national flag was erected sent his heartfelt cheerful congratulation to Somali people where ever they are to this independent day that comes 52 years later.

President Sharif said, “Our history is familiar to all, many of Somali people struggled for finding freedom and lost their lives, this does not come through a play and laughing but after bloodshed and they are people now who are trying to lose our golden history”.

President Sharif indicated that the past 21st years of civil war, lack of central government and destruction period teaches them enough lessons and made them be ripe for having government and statehood.

President of Somali transitional federal government, H.E. Sharif Sh. Ahmed thanked national forces and the African union peacekeeping forces who stand day and night restoring peace and stability and freed Al-qaeda linked group of Al-Shabab from the capital Mogadishu and neighbouring regions like middle Shabelle and lower Shabelle regions as well as Ged, Bay, Bakol and Beled-weyne of south and central Somalia.

However, the occasion ended in good atmosphere and this occasion comes as there are different changes in Somalia and in particular the capital in political and peace process both.


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