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The Views of All the Clan Elders in Benadir Region towards the eviction of the people from governmental buildings

Press release
Monday, February 27, 2012

A meeting that All Clan Elders in Benadir region have held today (February 26, 2012) at Indian Ocean University in Mogadishu and discussed the plan that TFG is evicting the residents from governmental buildings and the role of elders in this issue; hence the forum agreed the following recommendations:

1. The elders have principally appreciated the plan and asked the residents to move from these buildings in order to serve for the public interest.

2. That the TFG furnish well-prepared plan in which the residents are evicted only from the needed buildings, in order to avoid the eviction of the people without clear and reasonable plan.

3. That the TFG rehabilitate and work in the emptied buildings to elucidate more the reasons of eviction. This can facilitate those people still residing government buildings to move without weight to the TFG in doing so.

4. That the TFG be alert that the plan of eviction people from government buildings is benefitted personally or in group wise and prevent that individuals evict people for their own interest.

5. Finally, the elders are thanking the Somali Peace Line for facilitating this valuable meeting.



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